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Cancun celebrates Hanal Pixán in Mayan tradition

Cancun, Q.R. — Hanal Pixán, the Mayan Dia de los Muertos, was held for the first time in Puerto Juárez in order to promote customs and traditions of the region. Dozens of catrinas sailed through the waters of the Caribbean Sea and arrived on the shore of Puerto Juárez.

The celebration of life and death, within the Mayan conception, began with the disembarkation of 13 boats and a procession of catrinas that represent the souls, who brought with them the snail and copal that symbolize the sea that meets the earth and the purification of the air so that the souls have a pleasant transit.

Cancun mayor Mara Lezama received the snail that she gave to the Mayan priest, who carried out the traditional opening ceremony. Lezama highlighted the importance of keeping alive the customs that give identity to people as well as reinforcing the community and family life through healthy leisure activities.

“It is these traditions that forge solid communities, it is culture that unites and gives us a sense of belonging and our own identity. That is why it is extremely gratifying to be here at this celebration because Hanal Pixán honors our deceased and we did it in Puerto Juárez because everything begins here, because before Cancun existed, this wasa fishing village and we had a historical debt with this place.”

Both residents and tourists toured the event with 68 Day of the Dead altars and 110 exhibitors selling handicrafts and food. The event ran from October 31 to the night of November 2.