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Cancun airport transport providers protest restrictions

Cancun, Q.R. — Tourist transport providers out of the Cancun airport protested over the weekend during the presidential visit. On Sunday, a group of transport drivers handed a petition to Andrés Manuel López Obrador in hopes he will take action.

The group of transport drivers say they have had enough of the restricitons imposed on them by the managing company of the Cancun airport. Their Sunday move came after a day of protesting the restrictions Saturday.

President of Transportistas Organizados Unidos de la Riviera (TOUR), José Bizarro Galván, was able to briefly talk with AMLO and present him with the document.

Bizarro Galván said during their Saturday protest on Colosio Boulevard, they were harassed by city Transit Officers who called tow trucks to have their vehicles removed from the road, even though, according to Bizarro Galván, the units were not invading lanes.

“We were attacked by Traffic while trying to peacefully demonstrate on the side of the road…Tránsito was against the demonstration and they began to try to block us in with tow trucks to remove the units. It was not worth it because what we were doing was something peaceful without affecting third parties, but they affected third parties because they blocked three more lanes trying to contain us,” he said.

Cancun transit arrived to remove them from Colosio Boulevard Saturday. Photo: September 2, 2023.

On Sunday, the group protested for a second day saying Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR), the company that manages the Cancun airport, began an overregulation by requesting the delivery of private documentation with personal data that would be in the hands of irregular individuals in order to grant them access to public passenger boarding and landing areas.

According to Roberto Rubio, President of the Mexican Association of Tourist Transport Companies, the documents they are asking for are not legally authorized to be requested and that the request of the documents violates the Personal Data of Individuals Law.

However, if they do not provide the requested documentation, Asur will not grant them the Airport I.D. cards required, which will restrict their airport access.