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Brazilian nationals officially need visa to now enter Mexico

Mexico — Brazilian nationals wishing to enter Mexico will now have to have a visa. As of December 1, Brazilian travelers will need to apply for a visa to enter the country as tourists after years of being able to enter without one.

“Nationals of the Federative Republic of Brazil who intend to enter the country as visitors (…) must apply for a visa in terms of the applicable legal provisions,” the Ministry of the Interior reported in a statement.

Brazil nationals have not had to have a visa to enter Mexico since 2004, when both countries came to an agreement to eliminate the visa requirement. However, in October of this year, the government of Mexico announced the change of rules.

Mexico announced the change due to the number of Brazilian nationals entering the country to cross illegally into the U.S.

“A substantial increase has been identified in Brazilians who enter the national territory under the aforementioned Agreement for the Suppression of Visas, with a purpose other than that allowed by the condition of visitor stays,” explained Segob in an agreement published in the Official Gazette.

Brazil will now join Ecuadorian nationals, who also require a visa ahead of time to enter Mexican territory.