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Bomb squad incinerates ‘homemade device’ reported in PDC street

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The citizen report of a bomb in a suitcase turned out to be a homemade device. Police were made aware of the suitcase Thursday by an area resident in Colosio.

Police located the suitcase along 40th Avenue and 74th Street where the bomb squad arrived to remove it. In a report late Thursday night, the Secretary of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Solidaridad reported “after an exhaustive and adequate inspection by the Anti-Explosive Unit of the Secretary of National Defense inside the suitcase with a written message that it contained a bomb, authorities found a homemade device with the characteristics of an alleged explosive.”

The “homemade device” was destroyed.

According to the police report, “the suitcase was transferred to an uninhabited lot located on CTM Avenue with Playa del Carmen Boulevard” where it was incinerated.

Municipal Police, Civil Protection, Firefighters, the Secretary of the Navy, National Guard and the State Attorney General’s Office were present at the site when the device was destroyed, they said.

“The suitcase was reported to Municipal Police during a surveillance tour on 40th Avenue and 74th Street in the Colosio neighborhood. It had a message on a sheet of paper “Danger Active Bomb.” Police did not detail what the “homemade device” was made from.