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Boat explosion in Acapulco yacht club leaves two seriously injured

Acapulco, Guerrero — A boat explosion at a yacht club in Acapulco has left two boats destroyed and two people seriously injured with second and third degree burns.

The Secretary of State of Civil Protection in Acapulco reported that the incident was recorded around 8:00 a.m. when the massive explosion occurred. They said that their preliminary report indicates that the explosion was caused by a charter fishing boat that was loaded with gasoline in the dock area of the yacht club.

The explosion, which also reached a Pemex dispensary pump installed on the dock of the yacht club, caused the complete destruction of another boat, which left two men injured with second and third degree burns.

Civil Protection reported that according to yacht club staff, the explosion occurred when the fishing boat was started, causing a second yacht to also catch fire.

Fire, Civil Protection and members of the marine were on scene to put the fires out. The boats, Cucciao and Veloce, were both completely destroyed. The two injured men were rushed to hospital by ambulance.