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Authorities in south of state seize guns, tactical gear from abandoned cars

Chetumal, Q.R. — Quintana Roo Police officers, along with members of the Mexican Army, failed in their attempt to capture armed subjects they were pursuing. However, they were successful in seizing their abandoned vehicles and its contents.

On Tuesday morning, patrolling police happened along two cars that were traveling together along a highway outside Chetumal. Police requested the support of other units in addition to the Seventh Motorized Cavalry Regiment, which were nearby. The presence of authorities resulted in a persecution of the two vehicles to the town of Nicolás Bravo.

Authorities were successful in stopping the two cars, but their drivers and occupants fled on foot, running into the jungle and abandoning their cars. No captures were made even though a search was conducted.

Through a press release, the Ministry of Public Security reported that after the operation, weapons, ballistic vests and ammunition were seized along with the two vehicles.