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Another illegally seized Tulum hotel from the 2014 Borge administration returned to its legal owner

Tulum, Q.R. — A total of five hotels in Tulum have been recovered after being removed from their owners nearly six years ago. In May of 2014, then-governor Roberto Borge ordered the properties seized.

To date, the government of Quintana Roo has been able to return five of the seven properties back to their owners after Roberto Borge rigged labor lawsuits, reported the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Catalina Portillo Navarro.

The official explained that with the support of state police, and as part of the fight against corruption, the fifth hotel, Rosa del Viento was returned to its owner, Mrs. María de los Ángeles Gómez Tovar, on June 16.

She said that hotel was part of the mass eviction of owners that took place by order of the then-Borge government in May of 2014 when seven people were stripped of their hotels. She said since 2017, hotels Playa Azul, Cabañas Ixchel, Puerta del Cielo and Posadas dos Ceibas have also been returned to their rightful legal owners.

The governor of the state, Carlos Joaquín, reported that there have been several actions in the search to do justice for the acts of corruption that lead to several citizens to be dispossessed of their properties during the previous government.

He said they have been working on the issue since the beginning of his administration, and that several lands and other buildings have also been recovered. He made it clear that he will continue to fight corruption.