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American traveler detained inside Cozumel International for possession of cartridges

Cozumel, Q.R. — An American man who landed at the Cozumel International Airport Sunday evening was arrested and transferred to Cancun. The unnamed man was taken into custody by Mexican National Guard from inside the Cozumel airport after a luggage scan revealed gun ammunition.

Nearly 100 unused cartridges were found inside a suitcase of the American traveler as he passed through an airport inspection area.

Information surrounding the incident has been limited, however, what is known is that the man arrived with two suitcases, one of which contained the cartridges and nothing else illegal, meaning no accompanying weapon.

Authorities have not said which airline the man arrived on or which U.S. state he is from, only that he is around 55 years old. Once airport security realized what he was carrying, protocols were activated.

He was detained by National Guard and informed about the procedure since the introduction of weapons and explosives “war material”, including shell casings, are prohibited in Mexico and is considered a federal offense.

After his Cozumel arrest, he was transferred to Playa del Carmen by ferry then onward to Cancun from where he will be presented before a judge.