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Adult croc found with human inflicted injuries released back into wild

Chetumal, Q.R. — An adult crocodile that was found injured by humans has been released back into the wild. On Tuesday, the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Natural Areas of Quintana Roo (Ibanqroo) who treated the croc, released him.

The crocodile, who was named Larry, was found July 26 with several human-inflicted wounds, one of which was a machete cut to the top of his head. He was captured with help of personnel from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection and firemen of Othon P. Blanco and treated by Ibanqroo and veterinarians from the Payo Obispo OPB Zoo of Chetumal.

The croc was found with several human-inflicted injures including an unhealed machete cut across his head.
Photo: Ibanqroo July 26, 2023.

Ibanqroo reported that at the time of his release, Larry was measured at 2.83 meters in length and had an approximately weight of 120 kilos.

In a brief statement, Ibanqroo reported that “Larry the crocodile completed the medical treatment provided by the specialist veterinarians who, derived from a meticulous review, determined that he had several previous injuries carried out directly by human beings.”

Specialized veterinarians in Chetumal worked on treating the crocodile. Photo: Ibanqroo 2023.

Due to his previous injuries, Larry was released they shared in a video, “ in a safer place and removed from human contact. In this sense, he was successfully released by elements of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), assisted by personnel from Ibanqroo, the Payo Obispo OPB Zoological Garden and experts in reptile management.”

Crocodiles are a species subject to special protection in NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010. Ibanqroo is reminding people not to feed wildlife “since this action can cause damage to their health as well as lead to an attack or having the animal become familiar with the proximity of human beings.”