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A bridge to go over federal highway near Puerto Aventuras

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) says a bridge will be constructed over the section of federal highway where a sinkhole opened in June. A part of the federal highway outside Puerto Aventuras opened after the passing of Tropical Storm Cristobal in June.

Divers have explored the under-roadway opening, noting the cenote does contain water, and in some areas, fish. Through a statement, the agency explained that the construction of the bridge will be done to avoid any type of damage to the environment and ecological alterations.

Divers, led by Roberto Rojo, ruled that the formed cavern will not be filled since it contains various forms of life in an ecosystem that was described as “fragile and unique”.

After analyzing alternatives, the SCT has decided on a bridge that will be 40 meters long over the entire width of the crown of body B, it will be a single span bridge based on AASHTO girders supported by four foundation piles on each side that will be level from the current grade.