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300 packages of cocaine seized believed from Bacalar plane

Escárcega, Campeche — A report from the Ministry of National Defense says personnel have found 300 packages of cocaine they believe was flown into the region by a recently-discovered plane in the municipality of Bacalar.

According the the Ministry of National Defense, the finding of the cocaine was made April 25 when elements of the Mexican Army inspected a semi along the Escárcega-Chetumal section of highway. They say military personnel carried out a routine check on a tractor trailer coming from Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

The inspection lead to the finding of the 300 packages of cocaine they believe is part of the cargo that landed in the municipality of Bacalar days before. Officers arrested the driver of the unit and seized both the semi and its cargo.

Last week, military personnel tracked an illegal plane that had landed in the municipality of Bacalar, however, by the time they arrived, its cargo had been unloaded. Two motorcycles and four men were arrested. The 300 packages of cocaine believed to be the original cargo, were found 3.5 hours west in the state of Campeche.