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18 Puerto Aventuras officers dismissed for corruption

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Head of Public Security for Solidaridad says 18 police officers have been removed from their positions in Puerto Aventuras at the request of residents.

Jorge Robles, head of la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de Solidaridad, explained the dismissal of the 18 officers came after residents complained of extortion attempts.

“I answered the demand of the citizens after there were countless complaints against the police elements, which until now, absolutely nobody has approached my area to make a formal complaint. However, our commitment is to provide quality service of security throughout the municipality. Even though I do not have any report, I went with the citizens. I changed the elements of that sector which was what they asked for,” he said.

He admitted that he has had to rotate staff to avoid vices and that he has even dispensed with the services of some elements that have allegedly participated in corruption.

“Since I set foot in this direction, I have rotated staff to avoid this type of vice. It hurts me to say that yes, there have been elements that we have had to dismiss for corruption,” he added.