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Young male manatee rescued from Costa Maya lagoon

Huay Pix, Q.R. — The Quintana Roo Mammal Stranding Network reports the rescue of a baby manatee that was found in Laguna Milagros in the town of Huay Pix Friday.

The Network says that residents of the town found the manatee in lagoon waters early Friday morning. It wasn’t until afternoon that Emergency 911 received the report of the call. They, in turn, forwarded the report to the Quintana Roo Marine Mammal Stranding Network who arrived Friday night to monitor the status of the calf.

During the time of monitoring, staff became aware that the calf’s mother did not appear. For that reason, the next day, they transferred the young 92 cm long male manatee into their care.

The manatee remains at the Center for Attention and Rehabilitation of Aquatic Mammals in Laguna Guerrero, where it will remain until specialists decide the best route for his health and development.

The Network highlighted that his finding is of special importance due to the lack of confirmed recorded cases of manatees in Laguna Milagros.

While in their care, staff say the young male is being fed whey and milk formula every three hours during the day and every six hours at night.