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Woman’s 80 year prison sentence upheld by Superior Court

Othón P. Blanco, Q.R. — A woman who appealed her 80 year prison sentence has had it upheld. On Saturday, a Superior Court judge upheld the 80-year sentence handed down to Silvia Gabriela “N” in 2022.

Silvia Gabriela “N” was given an 80-year sentence for the 2021 kidnapping of a person in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco. According to a statement, the State Attorney General’s Office said the kidnapping victim was of “legal age” and the judge found evidence presented was “beyond all reasonable doubt”.

“In December of the year 2022, the aforementioned, who, together with other active subjects, committed the crime of aggravated kidnapping to the detriment of a person of legal age whose identity is withheld,” their report read.

“The court considered the sentence of the convicted woman to be unfounded, who, in her appeal filed, indicated that the testimonies lack veracity to support an accusation.

“However, the judge highlighted that the work carried out by the social representation allows, beyond all reasonable doubt, to objectively confirm and overcome the presumption of innocence of the accused,” the statement said.