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Woman wanted in connection to 2022 kidnapping captured

Othón P. Blanco, Q.R. — A woman wanted in connection to two kidnappings from 2022 has been captured. Laura Estefani “N” has been taken into custody as the main suspect in the September 2022 kidnapping of two people in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco.

She is accused of taking advantage of a close relationship she had made with a family in the community of Calderitas. After forcing two of those family members in to a vehicle at gunpoint and relocating them, she is alleged to have contact the family for money in exchange for their release.

In an FGE statement, the agency said Laura Estefani “N” was picked up on an outstanding arrest warrant for aggravated kidnapping.

“Based on the events that occurred in the month of September 2022, the woman, in order to obtain information about the victims’ activities, became involved with the family and made other probable participants in the crime aware of their movements.

“Thus, on the indicated date when the injured parties arrived at their home in the town of Calderitas, they were threatened with a firearm, forced to get into their own vehicle and taken in unknown direction to later request a financial amount for their rescue,” the FGE reported.

Laura Estefani “N” was arrested Friday by Investigative Police and transferred to the Chetumal Social Reintegration Center.