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Veracruz prisoner charged with extorting Playa del Carmen business

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An imprisoned man in the state of Veracruz has been charged with extorting a Playa del Carmen business.

The inmate identified as Óscar “N”, is currently serving time in a Veracruz prison for a 2020 murder. On Monday, the State Attorney General of Quintana Roo reported that he has been formally charged with extortion of a Playa del Carmen business.

“The accused is being held in the Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation (Cefereso) number 5 in Villa Aldana, Veracruz, for the crime of qualified homicide which occurred on October 12, 2020,” the FGE reported in their statement.

According to their investigation, “armed individuals began to go to the branches of this business chain, leaving notes where they demanded large sums of money to let them work. Given the refusal of those in charge, some of the establishments suffered armed attacks.”

Quintana Roo authorities began an investigation into the armed attacks that resulted in the identification of Óscar “N” as the source of the events who, from Cefereso, planned, ordered and coordinated his subordinates to carry out said actions.

With the support of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Veracruz, an arrest warrant was issued for him inside the prison. At his hearing, a judge ordered him to remain in prison for an additional two years for his separate trial.

According to the FGE, he could receive up to 37 years in prison for the extortion.