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U.S. Secretary of Energy issues statement after visit to Mexico

U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm issued the following statement today on her trip to Mexico City, Mexico:

I want to thank the Mexican government for the warm welcome and open dialogue about our joint energy future over the last two days. The United States greatly values our relationship with Mexico and sees tremendous promise for renewable energy to propel North American competitiveness.

Throughout my trip, I met with senior Mexican leadership, including President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as industry, legislators, and civil society, for frank and respectful dialogue.

In each meeting, we expressly conveyed the Biden-Harris Administration’s real concerns with the potential negative impact of Mexico’s proposed energy reforms on U.S. private investment in Mexico.

The proposed reform could also hinder U.S.-Mexico joint efforts on clean energy and climate. We must maintain and enhance open and competitive energy markets that bring benefit to North America.

I was assured that Mexico is committed to supporting clean energy and resolving current disputes with energy projects within the rule of law.

Mexico is blessed with an abundance of potential renewable energy, that, if fully realized, could power its own country at least 10 times over, create millions of good-paying jobs, and develop an extraordinary export industry geared for a world in need of clean energy solutions.

We have expressed our enthusiasm about working with the Mexican government to advance their climate goals, and grow a competitive and diversified clean energy economy. Among other priorities, we want to explore collaboration on geothermal energy development, integrating renewables on the grid, methane abatement, and rural electrification.

Collaborative, forward-thinking relationships are what North America needs to keep our competitive edge around the world, and the Biden-Harris Administration looks forward to working with Mexico to ensure that we both succeed in creating a mutually respectful pathway toward our shared energy goals.

The United States values our relationship with Mexico, which has for decades delivered great mutual benefit. Mexico is our second-largest trading partner, and U.S. companies are Mexico’s biggest investors. We have a fundamental interest in seeing Mexico and its people succeed.