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U.S. low cost carriers express interest in operating out of AIFA

Mexico City, Mexico — Federal authorities have announced interest from several U.S. low cost carriers to operate out of AIFA. The Undersecretary of Transport of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport says they have expressed interest in operating international routes from the new airport.

Rogelio Jiménez Pons, the Undersecretary of Transportation of the Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SICT) says interest has been expressed ahead of the airport’s official opening.

“Several companies from North American low-cost airlines have already begun to ask, there is already a trend,” he said in an interview, adding that they intend to consolidate operations from the Toluca International Airport as part of the relief of the Mexico City International Airport.

Jiménez Pons did not provide names of the U.S. airlines interested in flying out of Aeropuerto Internacional Felipe Ángeles (AIFA). The airport is scheduled to open toward the end of this month.

He added that airlines seeking to operate from the new airport in Santa Lucía will be invited with some incentives, which will be meant to help alleviate the current saturation at the Mexico City International Airport.