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Tulum mayor resumes infrastructure projects abandoned in historically forgotten areas

Tulum, Q.R. — The city of Tulum is resuming unfinished infrastructure projects left by the previous administration. Tulum mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal made a work tour of the water and electrical projects being done in the Ya’ax Tulum and Cristal neighborhoods.

On Tuesday, Caamal reported that the city is expanding the drainage and electrical network of the municipality in historically forgotten areas. He reported that in Ya’ax Tulum, the project to connect various branches of a local drainage system that the previous government abandoned, has been restarted.

“We decided to do it because the previous government started the first stage of the drainage, but that was it. They introduced the water lines, but they did not foresee the interconnection and other important issues,” he explained adding that the cost for that project will be 5.4 million pesos of the municipality’s own resources.

“It is necessary because many of the septic tanks are not well done and then we begin to contaminate the Mayan aquifer,” he said.

In Colonia Cristal, he toured the electrical work being introduced into the community. He said that previously, residents were told they could not be connected because they were not part of the municipality.

Caamal said thanks to efforts of the Commune to municipalize the settlement, they are being connected with the municipal power grid.

“The previous administration told the residents that the electrification work cannot be done because the Cristal neighborhood was not municipalized,” he recalled. “They did not take steps so that the municipality can invest here, but we arrived and with the representatives of the Ejido, we did the necessary procedures to start the project that today, is more than 90 percent complete.”

“I gave them my word and I will keep it. We are going to deliver this project to them in a month and a half so that they can begin contracts with the CFE and have the service,” he added.