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Tulum lobster fishermen fetch over 600 peso per kilo this season

Tulum, Q.R. — Lobster fishermen in the municipality of Tulum were successful in negotiating a high price for their recent catch. Fishermen from Punta Allen say this year, they managed to fetch more than 600 peso for a kilo of lobster.

Alejandro Velázquez Cruz, accountant for the Punta Allen Vigía Chicho fishing cooperative, says this year, they negotiated a price of 620 peso per kilo of whole lobster.

He says that price is more than double what they received prior to the pandemic. Cruz said normally, they sell for between 200 and 300 peso per kilo for a whole lobster, but the pandemic created a shortage.

“With the shortage brought on by the pandemic, the price has increased a lot,” said the Punta Allen fisherman.

He said that during their last meeting, fishermen had hoped for 600 peso per kilo, but ended up selling for 620. The local lobster season runs from the end of February to the first of July.