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Truck mishap causes fuel spill in Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Authorities in Felipe Carrillo Puerto were seen bailing diesel by hand after a truck pierced his fuel line. Municipal firemen were at the scene of the spill Wednesday afternoon after a truck became lodged in a grill.

The driver of the unit was attempting a sharp corner to connect to another street when a front tire broke through a CFE grill and became stuck. The driver’s front tire was found lodged in the deep hole. The fall caused the fuel line to leak.

Around 150 liters of diesel spilled from the truck into the town’s sewer line.

Assistance from the Felipe Carrillo Puerto fire department was requested around 3:00 p.m. The truck was found with its tire stuck inside a Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) inner-ground registry.

The driver was heading north on Constituciónntes Avenue to connect with Benito Juárez Avenue at the time of the incident. Plastic containers were used to bail out as much of the spilled fuel by hand as possible.

A tow truck was brought in to remove the stuck truck from the CFE underground registry.