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Truck driver brings down nine poles in Felipe Carrillo Puerto U-turn

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Residents in the center of Felipe Carrillo Puerto were left without power and phone after a large truck took out a set of lines. Police and Civil Protection were called to 62nd Street and Santiago Pacheco Cruz Avenue Tuesday in response to the afternoon accident.

Municipal authorities arrived to several broken poles and numerous downed power lines due to the passing of an oversized truck. The town’s central residents and businesses found themselves in a total blackout since the overhead snag also cut phone and internet.

Elements from the Civil Protection Directorate arrived to close the streets where the lines fell. Ángel Sulub Hernández, the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Municpal Director of Civil Protection, said the initial report said five poles were broken, however, once at the site, they saw nine poles were destroyed.

Some of the wooden poles were found in splinters. Photo: April 9, 2024.

“Once at the scene we confirmed said report, of which six are from Telmex and three from municipal public lighting.”

Civil Protection closed the street due to the fallen wires. Photo: April 9, 2024.

Personnel from the Municipal Civil Protection Directorate and the Municipal Transit Directorate were in charge of cordoning off the area while employees of the Public Lighting Directorate cut the power supply to avoid accidents.

One pole is seen balancing between wires in the center of the street after being snagged by the truck. Photo: April 9, 2024.

The driver of the truck was attempting a change of direction U-turn when he ended up entangled in the cables. He is reported to have dragged some of the poles on his way out of town. Several residents captured his bad U-turn on video, which is being used to locate the driver responsible.