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Tren Maya tickets on sale December 1 before Campeche to Cancun inauguration

Maya Train News — As of December 1, 2023, Maya Train tickets can be purchased for future trips. The Tren Maya ticket news was made Monday by Óscar David Lozano, the General Director of Tren Maya SA de CV.

During the Monday morning press conference, Lozano also announced that the Campeche to Cancun section of Maya Train will become operational as of December 15.

“We have important progress that will allow us to start operations,” he said. “We are going to have everything necessary in terms of workshops, in terms of needs for the train to be running,” he commented during the morning conference.

Lozano said that during test runs, the Maya Train has demonstrated its efficiency and safety in the dynamic tests that have been carried out on different sections. So far, convoy one has reached speeds greater than 140 kilometers per hour.

The Campeche to Cancun section of Maya Train will be inaugurated December 15, 2023.

He reported that a fifth convoy is heading from Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, and is expected to arrive in Cancun in coming days, while convoy six will arrive in the city during the beginning of December.

On December 15, the Maya Train will begin operations from Campeche to Cancun as part of the commitment of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), he said of the company charged with Mexico’s Maya Train project.

“What do we gain by starting the project early? That we have time to consolidate it. (…) Everything takes time to work, those large projects can take up to a year,” he explained to media representatives.

The Cancun to Tulum sections of Maya Train have been delayed due to complicated construction, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced in October. These sections are expected to be operational by the end of February 2024.

Ticket prices to travel Tren Maya are likely to be 2.32 pesos per kilometer for locals. In August, General Óscar Lozano Águila said they were looking at possible prices that would likely be 2.90 peso per kilometer for national tourists and an international tourist, 4.35 pesos per kilometer.

Discounts will be offered for students, local workers and the elderly. During the Monday morning press conference, Lozano did not provide information on where interested Maya Train travelers will be able to purchase Tren Maya tickets as of December 1.