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Town Council approves 44.8 million peso budget for Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Puerto Morelos Mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz says the town council has approved the Annual Investment Program (PIA) 2023 of nearly 45 million pesos.

The approved budget was determined during a meeting with the Planning Committee for Municipal Development (Coplademun) 2021-2024.

“In our administration, the principles of honesty and transparency prevail in the management of resources for the benefit of the citizenry,” she said.

“I am very grateful for having held this Coplademun work meeting, for decision-making that is of fundamental importance for our municipality and mainly for the people of Puerto Morelos, for whom we must work responsibly with political maturity and a real commitment to support who needs it the most,” she added.

Within this framework, she said that the efficient management of financial resources, since the beginning of the administration, has resulted in people being answered with facts.

“As they have already been detailed to us, for this year, we have as a ceiling of the Municipal Strengthening Program (FORTAMUN), 24,171,856 pesos which will allow us to carry out paving rehabilitation projects, urban improvement, dignification, equipment and police training,” she explained.

Likewise, she pointed out that through the Contribution Fund for Municipal Social Infrastructure (FAISMUN), resources of 14,741,018 pesos will be invested in paving tasks, rehabilitation, construction and maintenance of absorption wells, as well as indirect expenses and financing from the Institutional Development Program (PRODIM).

“With our own fiscal resources, which amount to 5,946,726 pesos, we will be able to carry out paving projects as well as the construction of a space for the maintenance of municipal heritage assets.

“We are talking about a budget ceiling of 44,859,600 pesos which, although it is not enough since we know that no resources are enough to cover 100 percent of citizen demands, I guarantee that it will be managed with efficiency and transparency which will allow us to make significant progress in solving the main needs of the people of Puerto Morelos,” she said.

Blanca Merari Tziu reiterated that Puerto Morelos is on the right track thanks to a clear strategy aimed at serving the people who trust the work of authorities as well as making the municipality a pole of development and investment.

During the session, the municipal Secretary of Public Works and Services, Hugo Garza Sáenz, was in charge of detailing the projects projected for the current fiscal year, while the head of Public Safety and Transit, Alfredo Valdez de León, did the same on the resources to be applied in terms of security.