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Tourists stranded at Cancun Airport given sandwiches

Cancun, Q,R, — Owners of a small shop located in the 503 superblock of Cancun began to bring food to tourists who are stranded at the Cancun International Airport due to the closure of borders and the cancellation of flights.

Tortas México Cancún preparaed ham and cheese sandwiches for distribution among tourists, mostly from Central American and South American countries, that have not been able to return to their country due to flight restrictions.

“Making sandwiches to give away at the airport to people who are waiting to return home without a hotel #coronavirus,” they posted.

Hundreds of people remain stranded in Cancun since Sunday when the area visitors were unable to return to their countries due to the closure of borders and flight cancellations.

Although a majority have returned to their country of origin, many Peruvian, Brazilian and Argentine citizens, among others have had to sleep on the airport floor due to the lack of resources to pay for their hotel stays. In the absence of financial resources, many do not have money to buy food and beverages.

On Thursday, a group of Argentine travelers who remain at the airport began protesting in Terminal 3. They have been unable to return home due to the restriction made by the government of Argentina, which says only citizens can enter the country. The group that are stranded had flights with Aeroméxico, which include a Mexican crew.

They expressed their frustration at not obtaining a solution to return to their country, since they were instructed to acquire a new ticket with Aerolineas Argentina.