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Tourist who lost her leg in Cozumel accident is returning home

Cozumel, Q.R. — A woman who lost her leg in a Cozumel motorcycle accident has left the island. Luz Arias, the young Argentinian tourist who was involved in an accident in March, has been discharged from hospital.

On Wednesday, the young woman left the island of Cozumel for Playa del Carmen, where, she said, she intended to do shopping before heading back home to Argentina. Accompanied by her mother, brother and friends, Arias left the island after being discharged from the hospital Wednesday morning.

She will leave Mexico Sunday via the Cancun International Airport with her family to return home.

Arias was the passenger of a motorcycle that collided with a Cozumel police truck March 26. The driver of the bike, Darían Stacco, was flown to Buenos Aries last week in an induced coma.

Stacco was flown home in a private plane after his medical bills in Cozumel were no longer affordable. His family made the arrangements to have him returned to Argentina for medical treatment after he suffered multiple fractures, head trauma and broken ribs that pierced his lungs.

Argentina media outlet A24 Vivo released a portion of the city surveillance video that shows Stacco, the driver of the motorcycle, running through an intersection at the exact moment the police unit reached the same street.

Arias was seriously injured in the accident, having her right leg amputated after it was crushed by the impact of the police cruiser.