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Argentinian tourist returned home for hospital care after Cozumel medical bills skyrocket

Cozumel, Q.R. — An Argentinian man who remains in serious condition after being hit by a police truck, has been returned home. On Friday morning, a Buenos Aires airline arrived in Cozumel to make the hospital transfer.

The man was returned to his country after a March 26 Cozumel road accident that left two Argentinians in serious condition. A man and woman were traveling on a motorcycle when they were hit by an oncoming police unit responding to call.

Both were left serious with the woman losing a leg and the man, remaining in a coma. The man, Darian Stacco, was transferred out of Cozumel and returned to his country after his medical bills skyrocketed and became unaffordable.

The arrangements for his transfer were made by Stacco’s relatives.

Bernardo Cueto Riestra, the Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, said that the agency followed up on the case in coordination with the Argentine consulate. He stated that contact was made with the relatives of both victims from the very beginning.

Darían Stacco has been in an induced coma since the March 26 accident when he was traveling on the motorbike with a friend, Luz Arias. Argentina media A24 Vivo released a portion of the city surveillance video that shows Stacco, the driver of the motorcycle, running through an intersection at the exact moment the police unit reached the same street.

Both occupants from the motorcycle were thrown several meters into the air before landing on the concrete road.

Doctors in Buenos Aires were waiting for the airplane since Stacco was arriving with multiple fractures, head trauma and broken ribs that pierced his lungs. Arias, who lost a leg in the accident, remains in a Cozumel hospital.

Both Stacco and Arias were visitors to the island when the accident happened.