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Tourism Council of Quintana Roo anticipates a May 20 relaunch campaign

Cancun, Q.R. — With the anticipation of restrictions being lifted for June 1, the director of state tourism says they will launch promotional campaigns starting May 20.

Dario Flota Ocampo, director of Consejo de Promoción Turística de Quintana Roo says as long as the June 1 date is held for the reopening of the state, tourism campaigns for the Mexican Caribbean will be launched May 20. He says they have four strategic markets for which the campaigns will be aimed. They include a campaign for the US and Canada, South America, Europe and regional/national.

He explained that since the health contingency has arisen at different times around the world and at different stages and speeds, “we defined preparing campaigns for four regions. One for local, regional and national tourism, another for North America, one for South America and finally another for Europe.”

He stressed that these are the regions where most of Quintana Roo visitors come from. The campaigns, he says, are nearly ready and will be waiting for the opportune moment to launch, noting that once flight and hotel activity begins, there will be the need to reschedule events and weddings.

Darío Glota explained that “people have decided to delay the date, but keep it at the destination.” He also noted that although “we are ready”, in the Unites States from where a majority of state tourism arrives, the reopening will not be uniform. Their states, he says, will reopen gradually, adding that some already have while others are set to reopen during the remainder of May and into June.

The tourism director added that several North American airlines will restart programming their flights once hotels open. He says that airlines such as Delta, American and Jet Blue never stopped flying.

“With them we have flights from Miami, Dallas, Charlotte, Houston and New York, which although most arrive empty, connectivity has been maintained so that when the hotels are operating and people are willing to travel, they will find flights.”