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Tourism authorities working on better Mexican immigration treatment at entry points

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Tourism authorities from the Unión de Secretarios de Turismo de México (Asetur) say they intend to speak to immigration to improve the treatment of arriving tourists.

Not only does Asetur intend to increase the arrival of international tourists, the agency also intends to improve how arriving tourists are treated.

Juan Enrique Suárez Del Real Tostado, the Secretary of Tourism for the state of Nayarit and the Presidente of the Unión de Secretarios de Turismo de México says he is working to identify market diversification and concentrate on having a greater presence in Canada and the United States.

“We seek to increase the arrival of tourists which is above 40 million international tourists to Mexico. We definitely want to diversify the tourism product,” he said.

Enrique Suárez Del Real Tostado also said that they have paid special attention to the tourist complaints of mistreatment by Immigration (IMN) for which they are going to ask the Federal Secretary of Tourism to support them in linking them with the Ministry of the Interior to express their position.

Juan Enrique Suárez Del Real Tostado

“We have to give them (tourists) adequate treatment. We understand that sometimes the work is so routine that it can generate a situation where we forget to provide that attention, but we are going to propose a precise system of immigration training.

Around 30 million people travel though Quintana Roo each year.

“That will allow us to be able to work more hand-in-hand, giving them this opportunity so that they can understand how much tourism means, but above all, the image they can generate,” he explained.

The reality, said the President of Asetur, is that “any person who arrives on vacation and receives mistreatment upon arrival may have a difficult stay. And on the contrary, if there is positive treatment upon arrival, we are talking about the warmth of the people of Mexico.

Enrique Suárez Del Real Tostado says better immigration treatment upon arrival translates into a better stay for tourists.

“Therefore, what must be shown is warmth not only in a hotel, but it has to be reflected in what is happening at the entrance to the country.”