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Tour providers block Holbox island access in protest of unfair competition

Chiquilá, Q.R. — Local tour providers blocked the entrance and exit to the island of Holbox in protest of kiosks offering boat tickets.

The area was blocked off for several hours while locals requested the relocation of kiosks offering tickets, saying their location creates unfair competition and affects the local tourism providers.

The road blockade lasted for several hours and consisted of vehicles and people holding banners, allowing only visitors with airplane tickets to pass in order to catch their flight.

Protesters later relocated to the island’s pier, which they had blocked for 30 minutes before the mayor stepped in, which is when those protesting reportedly moved their efforts to the mayor’s office.

Mayor Valerio Dominguez Mayoral agreed to relocate the bus stop, vans and kiosks away from the highway, adding that they were conducting studies in an attempt to change the street directions to improve vehicle circulation.