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Three get themselves jailed for assaulting Cancun police over a traffic dispute

Cancun, Q.R. — Two men and a woman were tossed in Cancun jail Wednesday after assaulting police officers. The incident happened in a residential area of Cancun when police stopped to help a woman in distress.

While assisting her, the three now-detained pulled up behind the police truck and began shouting for them to move. When officers explained they were assisting the woman and it was best they leave, the driver of the car became verbally abusive.

He then got out of his car and pushed the officer. The other two from inside the car also got out and began to assault Cancun police.

The Police of Cancun posted their arrests on social media saying “elements of the Quintana Roo Benito Juárez Police arrested three people identified as José “N” 68 years old, María “N” 44 years old and José “N” 52 years old due to resistance from individuals.”