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Ten injured in van-bus crash on Puerto Morelos road

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Ten passengers were reported injured in a two vehicle crash in Puerto Morelos. The Monday morning accident had police and medical units at the scene along Ruta de los Centoes.

The 10 were injured after a transport van and bus collided at kilometer 3 of the busy tourist road just outside the town of Puerto Morelos. It is not known how or why the driver of the van slammed into the rear of the bus.

The entire front end of the transport van was completely destroyed in the crash. The destroyed van was found blocking both lanes, creating a lineup of traffic since cars were unable to pass.

The driver of the van is alleged to have slammed into the back of the bus. Photo: GN November 13, 2023.

National Guard Highways were first at the scene followed by police and paramedics. It is not known how many people were transferred to hospital or the seriousness of the injured.

Police continue to investigate the official cause of the accident.