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Tactical gear, guns found hidden near drug plane site

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Elements of la Guardia Nacional report the discovery of guns, tactical and communication gear hidden in undergrowth 15 kilometers from the site of a drug plane found earlier this week.

The gear was discovered by elements of la Guardia Nacional at Naranjal Poniente in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto 15 kilometers from the community of Nuevo Israel where the first drug plane this week was located.

Hidden under tree branches were high-range weapons, armored vests, radio communication equipment and strobe lights. The gear was found when, after the aircraft was cleared, members of la Guardia Nacional deployed a patrol operation of the area.

The armament was handed over to the Attorney General’s Office in order to be considered in the investigation where Monday morning, one troop member was killed and three wounded in a shootout with two men guarding the plane.