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Suspect charged with attempted murder of Bacalar woman

Bacalar, Q.R. — The suspect in the attempted murder of a Bacalar woman has been charged. The man identified as Manuel “N” has been charged with the attempted murder of his now, former girlfriend.

On September 24 of this year, Manuel “N” arrived at her home in the town of Limones, in the municipality of Bacalar, where he “violently entered.” Once inside, he pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her.

In a legal statement by the State Attorney General, “the first acts of investigation indicate that on September 24 of this year, the accused violently entered the victim’s home located in the community of Limones, where after threatening her with death, he took a knife with which he tried to injure her.

“The woman used a stick to defend herself.” Neighbors who saw what was happening called authorities. “Thanks to the neighbors reporting to the emergency number 9-1-1, the victim was prevented from being deprived of her life and Manuel “N” was arrested,” they added.