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Supreme Court rules in Yucatan favor in border depute

Mexico City, Mexico — The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation has ruled in favor of the state of Yucatan in the constitutional controversy regarding state border boundaries.

La Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación unanimously rejected the claim by the state of Quintana Roo regarding state border boundaries, discarding the claim as unfounded and inoperative. The claim was made after a disagreement between Yucatan and Quintana Roo regarding the territorial limits indicated in the Quintana Roo constitution.

The dispute arose after the previous Legislature of the State Congress changed the description of the borders to be fixed precisely based on a new geolocation task. The newly described Punto de Unión Territorial (PUT) established different limits in what who considered their territory. Yucatan was dissatisified with the new PUT and filed a claim and won, which, according to the court document, means Quintana Roo should not treat that terrain as its own.

In hearing the verdict, Yucatan Governor Mauricio Vila wrote “I am very pleased to inform you that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation rejected this afternoon, the claim filed by Quintana Roo about the limits of the Yucatan territory. We Yucatans managed to defend our territory thanks to the coordinated work of all the branches of government.”

Campeche, who shares a border with the state of Yucatan, also joined the complaint as an interested third party.