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Successful payment Amparos for defective Playa del Carmen homes

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — More than 40 homeowners in Playa del Carmen have obtained definitive suspension payments through Amapros after thier homes were found with severe defects.

The news came from Marcos Antonio López Díaz, president of the Asociación Civil Unidos en Contra de las Hipotecarias Defraudadora, who said that so far, they have been successful in obtaining payment Amparos for 46 homeowners due to structural defects.

He says they have approximately 300 problem homes documented, noting that the houses suffer from various problems such as low quality material, being unsuitable for the local climate and general bad construction, among other issues.

López Díaz explained that a majority of the homes documented are in the subdivisions of Villamar I and II, La Petén, Guadalupana and Galaxias I.

“We forced the association to provide more strength to this movement,” he said adding “We are fed up with the anomalies, the real estate abuses.”

He also said that they have also complained about the slowness of government agencies, which have not wanted to help them despite receiving direct instructions. In particular, he criticized the secretary of Sustainable Urban Development saying the government is aware of the issues since they obtained opinions from structural experts.

“It is the institutions that do not want to support the neighbors of Solidaridad. These are the ones that fall into tortiguism (slowness) so that the subject does not advance,” he said.

However, despite this, they have made progress through the courts where they already have 46 Amparos for Playa del Carmen homeowners.