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Social media claim of Isla Mujeres ferry suspension is false says Captaincy

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Roberto Edmundo Ramos, head of the Captaincy of Puerto de Isla Mujeres clarified that social media claims that boats traveling the mainland-Isla Mujeres route are suspended are false.

Edmundo Ramos says the claims that the routes were suspended as of Monday at 20 hours are completely false, adding that people should be careful and not be fooled by false information. He clarified that the port remains open and without any type of restrictions.

Through a message on social networks, the captaincy clarified the message below, which was written in English, is fake news.

Roberto Edmundo Ramos posted his own message, clarifying the message is fake and ports are open with both passenger ferries and cargo shipments crossing as usual:

“This Harbor Master’s Office has not issued any instructions from Puerto Cerrado, they are asked not to forward false messages”

Ferries have implemented additional health care with the administration of antibacterial gel to the more than 15,000 passengers that cross each day. Antibacterial gel dispensers are also available at the Gran Puerto terminal. The move came after the provisions announced by the federal government to reduce the risks of contagion for the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, the head of the Nautical Association of Quintana Roo clarified that the social media posts regarding all nautical activities around Cancun being suspended are also false.