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Six killed and 21 injured in 19 vehicle highway crash

Los Altos Highway, Jalisco — Six dead and 21 injured were reported in a 19 vehicle crash in the state of Jalisco. The massive accident happened on the Zapotlanejo-Lagos de Moreno highway in Jalisco Wednesday.

According to a Thursday morning update by the State Civil Protection and Fire Unit, 21 people were injured in the 19 vehicles involved in the mishap. Six others have been confirmed as deceased.

The accident happened around 1:00 p.m. Wednesday on the Los Altos Highway. A total of 21 people were transferred to area hospitals by the Emergency Medical Care System (SAMU). Only two of the six deceased have been identified.

Luz “G”, a Jalisco government worker and José “V”, a farmer from Aguascalientes, were among the dead. The 19 involved vehicles included six vans, six compact cars, five semi trailers and two cargo trucks.

As of Thursday, authorities continued with the removal of burned metal and debris from the mass-scale accident. State officials have yet to report on the cause.