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Shooters gunned down by police after killing two diners at Acapulco beach

Acapulco, Guerrero — Four people were killed in a broad daylight shooting on an Acapulco beach Saturday. The afternoon shootings sent beachgoers running in an attempt to flee the spray of bullets.

Police were called to the Doña Ofe restaurant at Playa Manzanillo around 3:30 p.m. after reports of two armed men arriving and opening fire.

According to witnesses, the armed men arrived and began their targeted shooting against two men who were eating inside the beachside restaurant. They were shot dead inside the establishment.

Acapulco officers responding to the shooting killed the armed pair after they attempted to flee police. During a chase that involved the two shooters and police officers, the two men were shot dead on the beach during an exchange of gunfire.

Videos circulating across social media show people from Playa Manzanillo running seeking refuge from the bullets. Additional state police arrived to begin their investigation and removal of the four bodies.