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Seven arrested trying to enter seized Isla Mujeres bar

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) arrested seven people after they were found trying to enter a seized building. Their arrests were made Saturday when patrolling officers saw them attempting to enter an establishment that was seized by the state the day before.

Isla Mujeres police were patrolling along Rancho Veijo when they came across the group trying to get inside the building. Roberto “N”, José “N”, Enoch “N”, Rubicel “N”, Ileana “N”, Kevin “N” and Francisco “N” were taken into custody for trying to enter a closed bar called Centro Botanero Caribeños.

“The property was being guarded since hours before, a search had been carried out by the competent ministerial authority. Despite being informed, the group made up of six men and one woman began shouting and verbally attacking the police officers.

“Given the facts, elements carried out a physical inspection without finding any illegal items, however, due to their aggressive attitude and that they were hindering the investigations of said establishment, they were placed at the disposal of the corresponding authority,” they reported.

On Friday, two Isla Mujeres establishments were searched and seized by state authorities. One of those buildings was Centro Botanero Caribeños, the same building police found the seven now-detained trying to enter.