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Secretary of Security highlights arrests of two human traffickers in Cancun

Mexico City, Mexico — The secretary of security highlighted the arrest of two men in Cancun for luring minors online. The men were detained in February on human trafficking charges aimed at minors.

During the Thursday morning presidential press conference in Mexico City, Rosa Icela Rodriguez Velázquez, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, reported on the arrests of the men who were involved in recruiting minors from the Internet.

The men, José “C” was arrested from inside a Cancun shopping mall, while his accomplice, Ángel “D”, was located at Cancun fast food restaurant. Both were arrested for the sexual exploitation of minors in the state of Quintana Roo.

Rodriguez made her report during the “Zero Impunity” portion of the presidential press conference Thursday morning. She said that due to prompt actions by the State Attorney General’s Office, police were successful in also rescuing a minor who was in the process of meeting one of the two men detained.

She explained that after the FGE investigation, authorities were able to detail the pattern that the now detained used to sway minors to leave home.

“Both subjects offered them work, money, toys and gifts through social networks to recruit minors and sexually exploit them,” she read as part of the state’s investigation notes.

In February, two men were arrested in Cancun on human trafficking charges for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Their arrests were made after an undercover operation.