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Secretary of Health says Quintana Roo not exempt from global covid variants

Cancun, Q.R. — Head of the State Secretary of Health of Quintana Roo (SESA), Alejandra Aguirre Crespo says that the state of Quintana Roo is not exempt from the global covid variants that are circulating.

Her comments come around the same time as health officials in the state of Puebla claimed 30 students became infected with covid while vacationing in Cancun. She reports that only three covid tests came back positive out of the group of 30 students. She clarified that the tests were done in the state of Puebla, with only three positive results, however, the origin of the infections were not determined.

Citing Puebla Health Services, Aguierre Crespo said that the virus is circulating throughout the world and that students could have been infected anywhere, not necessarily in Cancun. She reiterated the importance of continuing with health protocols and vaccination plans to prevent the spread of the pathogen.

“Vaccination is primary prevention. Vaccines are safe. There is a lot of information going around, but the important thing is that the benefit of vaccines is greater than not being vaccinated,” she said adding that “the vaccine protects us against the complications of COVID-19, not contagions.”

She said that vaccinated people can still become infected with covid, however, the severity is much less than without the vaccine,” the official explained in an interview with Origen.

She stressed that Quintana Roo is a safe destination to vacation and is a destination where authorities constantly monitor infections and ensure rigorous health protocols, but emphasized the need for individual responsibility to follow those health protocols.

She explained that if people stopped following health protocols such as using hand gel, wearing mouth masks and avoiding crowded places, state health protocols will be of no use.

She also stated that Quintana Roo is not exempt from the new variants circulating around the world adding that these variants are more aggressive and contagious. “Because there are many circulating around the world and Quintana Roo is not the exception, the health protection measures are the same, so we must not lower our guard.”

Earlier this month, health officials in the state of Puebla said 30 of their 500 students who returned from a graduation celebration in Cancun did so with covid symptoms. Some of the returning students exhibited cold and flu symptoms, which lead to Puebla health officials declaring a mass contagion.