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Governor says strict health protocols being enforced for locals and visitors

Cancun, Q.R. — Work is being done to strengthen health protocols and ensure both local residents and visitors respect the state’s laws regarding the wearing of mouth masks.

In a statement, the government warned of zero tolerance toward those who fail to comply with the state’s health laws, noting over the past weekend, 15 people were detained for administrative offenses.

The state government says the SSP is currently applying its powers that, among them, includes the detention of people who refuse to wear a mouth mask when in public. Governor Carlos Joaquín says that the actions undertaken are aimed at taking care of health, saving lives and advancing in the recovery of the economy, jobs and income for the people.

In his Tuesday night address, he said that in Quintana Roo, more than 130,000 covid tests have been carried out and 757,585 doses of vaccines have been applied. He added that the application of habits, measures and protocols will allow the state to continue in its economic recovery process which reflects new and more flights, the arrival of cruise ships, higher hotel occupancy rates and the arrival of more tourists for the nearing summer season.

“We all want more flights, more airplane seats, more open hotels, better occupancy rates, more people in our restaurants, where businesses can hire those people who lost their jobs a year ago, to be able to have that better job that brings income for the families of Quintana Roo which is so important, but for this, we need to take care of ourselves, ” he said.

He again said that Quintana Roo Police detained 15 individuals for administrative offenses in matters of Health under Article 537, adding that society needs to follow hygiene habits and protocols to avoid going back to the red epidemiological light.

Those detained will receive a fine and / or 36 hours of jail time for failure to comply with the state’s mandatory health protocols.

He also mentioned that the State Secretariat of Health through COFEPRIS has carried out 8,890 business verification inspections and applied 863 suspensions, of which 523 have been to establishments in the northern region (Holbox to Tulum) for failing to comply with the current health protocols.