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Cancun police arrest more than a dozen for refusing to wear mouth mask in public

Cancun, Q.R. — Citizens in Cancun are being arrested for refusing to wear a mouth mask when in public. The Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) of Quintana Roo says that wearing a mouth mask when in public is mandatory by law throughout the state.

Over the course of several days, at least 15 people were taken into police custody for refusing to wear a mask. The SSP explained that the first male person was arrested because after being repeatedly invited to wear a mask, the man repeatedly refused.

The SSP says that people have a legal obligation to wear a mouth mask in public citing “the compulsory use of face masks is established for all persons who are outside their home and aboard public passenger transport services in any of its classifications and modalities”.

Over the weekend, Quintana Roo police took 15 people into custody under Article 537. They were located in public places without a mouth mask and arrested after refusing to wear one.

“We urge Quintana Roo society to continue with hygiene and health habits to avoid going back to the red epidemiological light,” the SSP said.