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Riviera Maya business sector voice concerns at the lack of Aguakan water supply

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Aguakan’s water shortages are affecting more than just private Playa del Carmen neighborhoods. Hotels and restaurants are also venting their frustration at the lack of water.

Both the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) and Canirac Riviera Maya have expressed their concerns about the constant cuts to the water supply.

“There is a constant lack of water, and businesses in the area of Fifth Avenue and the surrounding streets, in hotels and restaurants, we have had to resort to trucks to deliver portable water to replace what does not arrive in the lines,” said Lenin Amaro Betancourt, head of the Riviera Maya Business Council.

“This obviously increases our expenses, which in itself, is already expensive, and with this shortage, of course it affects us,” he added.

Gerardo Valadez Vitorio, head of Riviera Maya Canirac (Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Restaurantes y Alimentos Condimentados) also voiced the same concern. He said they have experienced intermittent water service for more than three months.

Earlier in the week, Playa del Carmen mayor, Lili Campos, made a public notice about the ongoing lack-of-water issue in known residential areas. On social media, the mayor said the addition of five wells by Aguakan would likely solve the problem.

“There have been times when some small hotels run out of water which is a problem with guests who have complained,” said Amaro.

“We are concerned, even more so now with the arrival of Easter. The increase in people could make the problem worse, which is why it is urgent that this issue with Aguakan be resolved,” he said adding that “the problem is not something new. This has been happening for a long time.”

Amaro also said that they have formalized the problem in a written complaint against Aguakan, who he said, claimed there were no complaints.

“We have already put in a written complaint, because if not, then they say there are no complaints.”