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Residents apply pressure for resignation of Nicolás Bravo mayor

Nicolás Bravo, Q.R. — After two weeks of filing complaints and a five hour road block, residents were successful in removing its mayor. On Tuesday, residents of Nicolás Bravo blocked a highway in protest of being ignored for weeks after providing evidence of their allegations of corruption and incompetence.

Dozens of angry residents completely blocked the Chetumal-Escárcega federal highway Tuesday night to push for the mayor’s removal. By 10:00 p.m., the now-former-mayor, Cristina Amayrani Gómez Nic, submitted her resignation.

Her resignation came afer intervention by Edgar Gasca Arceo, the Undersecretary for Liaison of the Ministry of Government and the General Secretary of the City Council, Adrian Sánchez Domínguez.

Angry residents demanded she resign after they accused her of acts of corruption and nepotism since her husband and sister-in-law were on payroll. Residents have also accused her of being incompetent and the wrongful dismissal of a coworker after he refused to do plumbing work in her private home.

Their efforts to have her removed from her position began August 7. After weeks of no response from government officials, a road block was set up on the evening of August 22.

Dozens of vehicles were stranded for hours due to the block. Grasca Arceo eventually arrived and mediated between the mayor’s resignation and the lifting of the road block.

In her letter, the now-former mayor acknowledges citizen complaints that have been filed against her before the Municipal Comptroller’s Office for which she made the decision to leave her position while authorities investigate the allegations.

Her husband and sister-in-law have also stepped down from their positions.