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Quintana Roo moves forward into second stage of green covid light

Riviera Maya, Q,R. — The state of Quintana Roo will continue in a green epidemiological covid light, reports governor Carlos Joaquin. That, after four states regress back to yellow.

On Friday, Mexican health authorities reported the states of Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Coahuila and Sonora are in yellow after regressing back from two weeks of a green light.

The state of Baja California, however, moved ahead to a yellow epidemiological light after being the only orange state for the last two weeks. Five Mexican states are currently yellow, while the rest of the country remains in a green epidemiological covid light.

Governor Joaquin reported that the updated health situation will see the state of Quintana Roo move to a “definitive green”, stage two.

“We have gone to the definitive green. We hope that we will stay that way for a long time,” he said when making the announcement.

“This green means being responsible for ourselves and others. We must not forget that in some places in Europe and Asia there are outbreaks due to people who have not been vaccinated and due to the relaxation of sanitary measures,” he stressed.

Joaquin also detailed covid-19 health situations around the state. He reported that the state has a 3 percent hospital occupancy rate due to covid-19 infections. He also detailed that the municipality of Puerto Morelos has seen a 100% decrease with zero infections.

Felipe Carrillo Puerto had a 93% decrease. José María Morelos, a decrease of 88%. Othon P Blanco with a decrease of 71%. Cozumel had a 63% decrease in the number of infections. Bacalar has reported a decrease of 47%.

Isla Mujeres decreased 46%, while Benito Juárez (Cancun) reported a 43% decrease with less than 10 infections per day. Solidaridad (PLaya del Carmen) has seen a 42% decrease in the number of infections, while both Tulum and Lázaro Cárdenas both remain at zero cases.

For this reason, the entire state will move forward with a green epidemiological light. Joaquin said for the week of November 29, schools, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theme parks, casinos, bars and nightclubs, among other businesses, will be able to operate at their maximum capacity while in the second green light phase.

This will mean the fourth consecutive week of a green epidemiological light for the state. Joaquin stresses that while things are moving forward, the pandemic is not over, that the pandemic is part of the global reality, noting that the virus is still present in the environment.

“That is why it is very important to continue complying with all prevention measures, make the effort, the sacrifice of continuing to use prevention habits,” he said.