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Puerto Morelos releases first batch of sea turtles

Puerto Morelos, Q.R.– The first newly hatched sea turtles of the Puerto Morelos season have been released into the sea.

“In April we started work, then the stage of permanent monitoring, marking and care of nests. Now we enter into the release phase that is carried out periodically in support of the young in their entry to the sea,” said mayor Laura Fernández Piña.

The release of the newly hatched turtles were part of the 700 nests counted along Puerto Morelos shores this year. Numerous government organizations participate in the protection and monitoring of sea turtle nests throughout the municipality.

Fernández Piña says the sea turtle program is supported in collaboration with federal agencies such as Semarnat, Profepa, Conanp and the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment of the State Government, as well as hotels, students, organized society and community volunteers.

“Every year they arrive at our coasts with the main spawning areas being Punta Petempich, Punta Caracol and Punta Brava, areas in which surveillance, placement of signs and signs for information to tourists and locals are reinforced,” she added.

Nancy González González, director of de Ecología del Ayuntamiento, explained that this time, the hundreds of offspring that were released were the first results of the reproductive cycle under surveillance.

Newly hatched sea turtles are continually released around the region, usually until November.