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Puerto Morelos Planning Committee approves 81 million in municipal projects for 2024

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The Puerto Morelos Planning Committee for Municipal Development will spend more than 81 million pesos in projects for 2024.

The total was approved in a recent meeting for this year’s Annual Investment Plan.

The Government of Puerto Morelos will apply more than 81 million pesos in projects during 2024, as was announced during the extraordinary session of the Planning Committee for Municipal Development (Coplademun).

During the meeting, headed by the first councilor and office manager of the Municipal Presidency Juana María Chacón Canché, the members of Coplademun approved modifications to the Annual Investment Plan (PIA) 2024, which included the paving of Heriberto Frías Street between Plutarco Elías Calles and Leona Vicario, located in the Old Town.

Mario Salinas Castro, the General Director of Projects, explained that this will benefit not only the residents of the area, but also the transportation service, motorists, cyclists and motorcyclists, in addition to improving the image in the tourist area.

The road, which has never been subject to improvement, will have a hydraulic base for its subsequent paving.

During his presentation, the official recalled that during the third ordinary session of Coplademun, the reallocation of resources for two projects was approved. The first for the construction of absorption wells in Puerto Morelos and the second for the paving of South 5th Street in the Municipal head.

IN a statement, the Planning Committee said that in 2024, the PIA contemplates resources for more than 50 million pesos.

Municipal Treasurer Ana Isabel Luna García presented the projects approved by the Technical Committee of the Investment and Administration Trust for Environmental Sanitation Law of Puerto Morelos, which reach almost 31 million pesos.

The budget was approved in a June 6 meeting. Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Morelos

She detailed that the rehabilitation of access to the beaches, the rehabilitation and maintenance of the fishing pier, rehabilitation of sports spaces in the municipality, a horizontal and vertical signage project will be carried out, both in the municipal seat and in the Leona Vicario delegation, and the rehabilitation of lights on the federal highway.

The municipal official highlighted that the total investment for 2024 in Puerto Morelos will exceed 81 million pesos. Of that, 50.5 million pesos will come from the PIA and almost 31 million pesos from the Environmental Sanitation Law.