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Puerto Morelos joins list of detecting paid workers who don’t show up to work

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Puerto Morelos is another municipality who says they have detected workers on the payroll who have not shown up to work. On Friday, Puerto Morelos mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz said they don’t know exactly how many yet, but they have begun to find them.

She said their existence has been detected on the payroll of the Puerto Morelos City Council, these people who get paid without going to work, although it has not yet been determined how many there are.

Tziu Muñoz clarified that although some figures have been thrown out there, “there is still no formal statement on the matter,” she said noting they are only in the third week of government.

“We have found people who have not shown up for work based on roll calls. We are still reviewing it all, and later, we will be able to have a number of those who were on the payroll and did not show up,” she said.

Since the change of the new administration, mayors in Chetumal, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres have also announced locating municipal workers who collect salaries, but don’t work.